The Strangest Cat Behaviors, Explained

Having a cat can be a great thing. They’re your personal companion, and it’s a very rewarding experience. However, some cats have quirky and unusual personality traits. Have you wondered why your cat head-butts people, or why they push things off the kitchen counter all the time?

It’s true that cats do some pretty weird things, and you try to make sense of it. However, you don’t have to wonder why they run around your home at 3 a.m. or anything else. Here are real explanations as to why your feline friends do those strange behaviors. Learn a bit about what makes your cat tick!

Pawing at the Water Is Instinct

One myth is that cats don’t like water, but that’s not always true. Some love it; if you see your cat pawing the water bowl, it’s probably for play. Sometimes, they like to drink moving water, so pawing at it aerates it.

Laying on Your Stuff

You know the aggravation you feel when you’re doing something on the computer, and the cat lays on the keyboard? There’s a reason for that! Your kitty wants more attention from you. That’s why they get between the object you use and you. This is also a territorial thing!

Chattering Teeth

Have you heard your cat chatter its teeth when there’s a bird outside? They don’t have a toothache and aren’t grinding them. Though no one knows for sure, some believe they’re frustrated because they see the bird outside and can’t get to it.

Rear-end in the Face

You know cats like to lift their tails and give you a view of their backsides. While it might not be fun, it should be taken as a compliment. When they lift up their tails and stick their rear end in your face, it’s a sign of affection and trust. They’re opening up to you and being friendly!

Rubbing and Head-butting

Have you noticed your cat bumps into your arms, legs, face, or any part of your body when you are around? They don’t want to start a fight! This gesture indicates that your cat feels safe around you and trusts you. Plus, rubbing against things transfers their body’s pheromones and marks the object as safe.

Rolling on the Floor

Cats roll around on their backs for many reasons. However, they only do it if they’re comfortable, as showing the belly is a vulnerability to them. This motion might be used to stretch the muscles or scratch the back, but sometimes the cat wants to play.

Eye Communication

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