10 Healthy, Natural Treats for Dogs in Your Kitchen

Dogs love their food.Be it fresh dog food, vegan dog food, or all natural dog food, they will chow down with gusto. Dogs are amazing learners, and they enjoy being rewarded with the occasional treat. There are times, however, when we just run out of treats and do not feel like taking that long trip to buy a new batch. Fear not! For there are several treats hidden in your fridge and pantry, and they are nothing but vegetables and fruits! The best thing about natural treats is that they are low on calories, have no chemicals in them, and are quite tasty and crunchy, which adds to the dog’s enjoyment!

Below is a list of the best, natural treats you can find for your dog in your kitchen.


A whole apple is quite a lot for your dog, no matter what their size is. With their abundance in fiber, they present dogs with a lovely, filling treat that will prove to be quite addictive. However, the seeds and core contain a mild poison that is only harmful in large doses, which is why it is advisable to remove them before giving your dog the flesh of the apple.

9-Green Peas

While training your dog, you ought to have treats on you to reward them. Peas happen to be dog favorites due to the taste and crunchiness. In hot weather, frozen peas are quite the refreshing treats to give to your dog.


Carrots are boundless sources of nutrients such as vitamins and beta carotene, which make them ideal treats to have around to hand to your dog. The healthiest dog foods contain a good combination of vegetables, meat, and water, and carrots always encourage dogs to eat their food. Make sure, however, to cut the carrots into manageable pieces as dogs can sometimes swallow their food whole.

7-Green Beans

Dogs eat plenty of vegetables, and green beans are at the top amongst the select vegetables dogs love. Raw or cooked, dogs will eat and enjoy green beans. However, for health reasons, make sure that they are unseasoned.


Who does not love a good piece of watermelon on a hot, sunny day? Dogs are no exception, as they love watermelon quite a lot. A piece of watermelon will hydrate your dog and provide them with plenty of nutrients. You have to make sure to only feed them the flesh of the fruit with no rind or seeds whatsoever, however.

5-Cooked Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes may be an acquired taste, but they are quite convenient to have around as they take quite a long time to spoil. They are also, once cooked, quite the nice treat to give to your dog every now and then. It would be wise to make sure the potatoes are cooked well and not seasoned at all, for dogs’ stomachs do not tolerate raw potatoes whatsoever.


Bananas, which are actually berries, are known for being potent sources of nutrients. The best part is that dogs love them, which makes them perfect treats for your dog once given moderately, for they are quite rich in glucose, which can prove to be harmful to dogs in large doses.


Broccoli is not a human favorite, but that does not stop it from being a powerhouse in terms of nutrients, which goes for all cruciferous vegetables in fact. If given in moderation, broccoli could prove to be quite the pleasant treat for dogs. The best part is that they can be given to dogs in any shape or from, no matter whether they are roasted, steamed, or raw. The only condition is that they should be unseasoned. Dogs do not deal well with seasoning.

2-Cooked Squash

Squash is quite the nice treat to give to your dog. With its various options, it can prove to be aneat dogtreat. Dogs would enjoy butternut squash, zucchini, or even yellow squash. It does not matter, for there are several types that are beneficial for dogs. You have to remove the seeds and the rind, however, for they can upset the dog’s stomach.