8 Tips to Renew the Relationship With Your Partner If You Spend Too Much Time Together

Many of the things that once seemed precious to us, such as working from home and spending more time with our partner or family, can be more difficult than we thought. Getting stuck in a routine, a lack of space of our own, or too little time for friends or ourselves can be some of the consequences of spending too much time with our partner.

Bright Side, understanding that there are many couples going through something like this, prepared a series of tips to renew “the air” in the relationship to help couples enjoy spending more time together.

1- Don’t neglect family and friends.

Being in a couple offers a sense of comfort, and because of this, other relationships may get neglected. This can generate “codependency,” wanting everything to revolve around the partner to the point that you isolate each other from your social, work, and family lives. Some of the traits of a person with a tendency to be codependent are fear of loneliness, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, panic about breaking up, and more.

For this not to reach a harmful level, such as communicating only with that person, putting aside personal dreams, work objectives, and other effective relationships, it’s necessary to recognize this in time and not to leave everything else that is also an important part of life behind.

2- Instead of assuming, it’s better to ask.

It’s good to reflect on what our partner needs, what can help them, and how we can make them a little happier. But many times, we can have the wrong idea of what the other wants or requires, and that can be avoided in a very simple way: by asking.

Saying something like, “What do you need?” or “What irritates you about me?” or “How can I contribute to your happiness?” can open an enriching dialogue for both of you and help you to avoid unnecessary discussions.

3- Try to understand the reason behind your boredom.

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