5 things to know about Aloe Vera juice


A healthy and detox drink

Aloe vera is known as a gel that is applied to the skin to moisturise, soothe and repair it in depth. But if this gel is extracted from the stems of the plant, you should know that you can also consume, internally, aloe vera juice.

Made from the pulp of the leaves, this juice (which you are advised to buy organically, or even make yourself!) is full of nutritional, health and beauty benefits…


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Aloe vera juice: a concentrate of nutrients
Since aloe vera is a fatty plant that is full of nutrients, the juice from its pulp is also very interesting from a nutritional point of view. Indeed, aloe vera juice is rich in :

Vitamins A, B and E

Minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, chlorine…

Antioxidants, compounds that combat the action of free radicals in the body and protect us from premature ageing by promoting cell regeneration
In the event of a bout of tiredness or a slump, a course of aloe vera juice can only restore our morale and our spirits, and chase away tiredness and the blues!

Aloe vera juice for a detox cure
Aloe vera juice has purifying and detoxifying properties that make it THE ideal drink for a detox cure! Indeed, this beverage has no equal for eliminating the toxins that clog up the body and prevent it from functioning at its best.

The action of aloe vera juice is particularly interesting after a period rich in excess, because it is very effective in ridding the intestines of the waste they contain!

Aloe vera juice to combat digestive discomfort
Good news for people who suffer from digestive problems (bloating, flatulence, stomach pains, acid reflux, etc.): aloe vera juice is known to facilitate the functioning of the digestive system (and urinary tract as well, by the way) and therefore digestion.

Aloe vera juice can also be useful in cases of temporary constipation, as it gently boosts transit.

Aloe vera juice is good for the skin
The purifying properties of aloe vera juice are not only interesting for our body internally: they can also be seen on the outside! Indeed, consumed as a cure, aloe vera juice moisturises and purifies the skin: ideal for people prone to small acne spots, blackheads or who have oily skin.

The icing on the cake: as aloe vera is a plant with healing properties, its juice prevents the formation of small wounds that sometimes appear following a pimple.

Aloe vera juice: how to consume it?
Even though it has many health and beauty benefits, aloe vera juice has a weak point: its taste, which is special to say the least. This is why it is recommended to consume it by mixing it with fresh fruit juice or by pouring it into a smoothie.
Lastly, it is recommended not to consume more than 30 ml of aloe vera juice per day during a cure.