Detox drinks: 5 homemade recipes to lose weight


A detox drink for slimming can be a valuable slimming ally, depending on its ingredients.

Combined with a varied diet, detox drinks allow you to fill up on nutrients and active ingredients to contribute to the well-being of your digestive organs.

In this article, discover 5 homemade detox juice recipes to boost weight loss and stay healthy.


 Recipes for homemade detox drinks to lose weight

Detox juice with activated charcoal and apple

In this slimming detox drink, the combination of charcoal and apple helps to eliminate toxins and promote transit. This drink is ideal for people who tend to suffer from bloating and transit problems.


For 1 large glass, you need :


1 Golden apple ;

1/2 green apple ;

1/2 untreated yellow lemon;

10 cl of water;

1 level tablespoon of powdered activated carbon.

To make this detox juice, follow the steps below:


Start by carefully washing the apples and lemon;

Put them in a juice extractor to obtain a homogeneous apple juice;

Mix the apple juice with the water and activated charcoal and enjoy without delay.

The virtues of activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has a very high absorption capacity. By absorbing gases and toxins, it helps to detoxify the digestive system in depth.


It also has a very positive effect on bloating, which it effectively soothes. Combined with apple, rich in pectin, charcoal is perfect for taking care of the digestive system.


Detox juice with spirulina

This blue-green juice with spirulina is ideal for filling up on energy at the beginning of the day. Its high protein content makes it particularly interesting as part of a slimming detox diet.


For 1 large glass, you need :


A handful of spinach shoots ;

1/2 banana ;

1/2 stick of celery;

100 ml of coconut water;

1 level tablespoon of spirulina.

To make this slimming detox juice recipe, follow these steps:


Start by carefully washing all the plants;

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender until you obtain a homogeneous detox vegetable juice;

If necessary, you can add a little coconut water;

Enjoy without delay.

Slimming benefits of this detox juice with spirulina

Coconut water has a very strong thirst-quenching power. Moreover, its richness in nutrients is very interesting.


In this juice, spirulina provides a high protein, iron and micronutrient content, making it a satiating drink that naturally regulates food intake.


Finally, the banana and spinach are respectively rich in potassium and fibre and bring a particular slimming interest to the mix.


Detox drink with grapefruit and ginger

Finally, here is a real concentrate of vitamin C and fibre to stimulate the body’s detoxification functions. This tasty vegetable juice is perfect at breakfast time to fill up on energy.


For 1 large glass, you need :


1 grapefruit ;

2 small carrots or one normal carrot;

The juice of one lemon;

1.5 cm of ginger root.

To make this detox juice recipe:


Start by carefully washing all your plants;

Peel the ginger and carrots, if they are not organic;

Remove the skin from the grapefruit before placing all the ingredients in a juicer or extractor;

enjoy immediately.

Benefits of grapefruit and ginger for weight loss

Grapefruit has two major benefits. On the one hand, it is rich in antioxidant vitamin C, which helps to fight oxidative stress and promote fat burning. Secondly, it contains pectin. This soluble fibre regulates transit, promotes satiety and has a regulating effect on blood cholesterol and glucose levels.


Ginger has a soothing effect on the digestive system and stimulates the self-cleaning of the digestive organs.

 Detox drink recipe for flat stomach

Rich in fibre and antioxidants, the ingredients in this detox juice recipe are perfect for stimulating fat burning and protecting the body from cellular oxidation.


For 1 large glass, you need:


1 slice of pineapple ;

100 g white or red cabbage ;

1/2 green apple;

the juice of a small lime.

In order to make this juice for slimming, you must :


Clean all the vegetables carefully;

Put them in an extractor or centrifuge to obtain a homogeneous juice;

If necessary, you can dilute the juice obtained with a little water for a more neutral taste;

Enjoy without delay.

Benefits of this flat stomach detox drink

Pineapple is rich in fibre and satiating. Its slightly sweet taste is a real plus for this recipe.


White cabbage is also rich in fibre and micronutrients. Low in calories, it makes for a very light and filling juice.


Lime is a concentrate of antioxidants and helps burn fat and stimulate bile production.


 Vegetable juice for slimming

This diuretic slimming vegetable juice is perfect for stimulating the renal elimination of water and fighting against water retention. It is suitable for anyone who wants to look after their figure.


For 1 large glass, you need :


1/4 cucumber ;

1/2 stick of celery ;

50 g of red fruit;

10 cl of water.

To make this slimming vegetable juice, here are the steps to follow:


Carefully clean all the vegetables;

Put them in a juice extractor, centrifuge or blender;

Once the juice is homogeneous, add a little water and drink it immediately.

Advantages of this vegetable juice for slimming

This slimming detox juice has several advantages. On the one hand, the cucumber is a great ally in promoting renal elimination and fighting against water retention.


The celery and red fruits, rich in fibre and antioxidants, have a lasting satiety effect, fight against cell oxidation and stimulate fat burning.